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Our service is grounded in our commitment to exceeding our client’s expectations of quality service.  Every security assignment is treated with a level of focus that is unmatched by other security organizations.  With over 30 years of industry experience, we have the knowledge required to provide industry  leading professional security services.  

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Protect with Integrity

Our personnel are committed to maximum customer satisfaction and conformance to your specifications. You can be sure of our quality performance through regular communication at all levels which include

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Ongoing Staff Training

We are committed to quality, training, and mentorship, which provides our clients the highest level of service. DMAC Strategic provides in-house training for all employees that exceeds industry standards.

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Trained Security Officers

Our highly trained Certified Security Officers undergo a pre-performance start and site-specific safety training program facilitated by our certified instructors. In addition, we provide continuing education and training on a quarterly basis through our team of certified instructors.

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Current on Current Events

We keep our officers up to date and informed of both local as well as national events and provide local law enforcement memos as it pertains to their assigned site.

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