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30 Years of Armed Security Experience

We provide armed security guards that are thoroughly trained in recognizing compromised situations and taking action. At the same time, our guards are approachable and professional in their work. More importantly, they ensure that a safe and conducive environment is maintained at workplaces and residential areas.

Armed Security Guard Services

One of the most important decisions that people need to make while opting for security guards is to decide whether the guards should be armed or not. Security companies provide both armed and unarmed guards depending on the security needs of a client. Armed security is typically found at events with a large number of people, such as concerts, conferences, exhibitions and parties.

The sight of a security guard carrying a gun is enough for people to know that they are safe. It is always important to pick the right kind of security to keep businesses, homes, staff and clients safe.

What We Do


A number of things must be considered while choosing the kind of security suited to one’s needs. Our security teams are professional, trained and have a lot of on-duty experience, whether armed or not. Our armed security guards are capable of performing the following duties:

Our armed security guards are capable of performing the following duties:

Avert Threats


Our team of well-trained guards can spot signs of danger and take necessary action to curb possible danger. In cases where it is not possible to avert an unpleasant situation, we take strict action to resolve the crime.

Safeguard Inventory and Data


Data breaches can ruin businesses. The products manufactured by a company can also become a target of thieves. While an armed security guard might not be expected to control cybersecurity, they can definitely prevent the entry of unauthorized people into protected or sensitive areas.

Make Employees Feel Safe


Armed security increases the probability of employees feeling safe and helps in preventing incidents of violence and vandalism in the workplace. It also deters miscreants and troublemakers.

Is Armed Security the Right Choice?

While financial institutions, museums, casinos, and jewelry stores almost always require an armed security, we evaluate your location and facility, assess its risks and vulnerabilities, to determine and suggest the most appropriate level of security that would be best for your location.

Because each situation is unique, we follow a comprehensive transition planning process consisting of the following components:

• Assess facility and operations to determine security risks, vulnerabilities, and needs
• Conduct security, site, and safety surveys
• Develop Post Orders detailing security officer duties and training requirements
• Assemble a team of qualified security officers and supervisors
• Provide classroom orientation and screening
• Provide on-site training for security officers and supervisors
• Periodically test officer knowledge

As with all of our security services, our armed security action plan is customized to address your specific security

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