Bodyguard for Hire

Bodyguard for Hire: Do You Need a Bodyguard?

A typical public perception about bodyguards is that they’re only for famous individuals or corporate executives. However, this is no longer the case because of the decreased costs and increased availability of personal security services, making these professionals more accessible than ever before. Anyone can employ a bodyguard at reasonable prices, helping them in an array of ways.

If you’re considering getting bodyguard services for yourself, but aren’t sure if it’s right for you, here’s everything you need to know about bodyguards. 

Reasons to Hire Bodyguard Personnel

Bodyguards are considered executive security personnel and are known to protect high-profile individuals like celebrities and political entities. However, with the ever-increasing demand for bodyguard services, anyone can now hire bodyguards. There are plenty of good reasons to use or ask for their assistance in more familiar situations. These include:

You Travel Internationally for Business Purposes Often 

If you’re a businessman or woman who continually travels to countries considered trouble spots, it’s best to hire a bodyguard for better protection. It’s not unheard of for unlawful individuals in some nations to scout for unaccompanied foreigners to rob or kidnap for ransom. Hiring personal security could make a drastic difference between a successfully safe business trip and a potentially dangerous one. 

You Had a Nasty Divorce

Although getting a restraining order against a bitter ex-spouse can help, often, these individuals still find a way out of it and commit violent acts against their former partners. If you’re in this situation, hiring a bodyguard can deter your ex-husband or wife from ever harming you again. 

You’re a Well-Known Political Figure 

The world of politics can be dangerous, even for small scale community leaders or politicians. One wrong move during a contentious town meeting can put you in an unpopular position. When you hire bodyguards, they can provide transport to and from your workplace, giving you the appropriate security level to successfully deter unwanted attention.

You Frequently Receive Threats via Social Media 

The internet can be a dangerous place. If you find yourself receiving social media threats because of a seemingly innocent remark you posted that shed you in a bad light, you can be in imminent danger. It’s not uncommon for individuals to move homes due to these threats frequently. Having a bodyguard by your side can provide the protection you and your family needs from these potentially dangerous social media figures. 

You are a Corporate Executive

Corporate executives like presidents and CEOs can often find themselves in a difficult situation. With the dangers of kidnapping or unhappy ex-employees threatening you, it can be dangerous to lurk around unprotected. Bodyguards provide the protection you need against these potentially harmful situations. 

Whatever reasons you may have for considering bodyguard services, these individuals aim to provide one thing, and that’s ensuring you’re protected and safe at all times. Consult with your local security companies and see if they have any bodyguard with the appropriate experience you prefer, providing you with an adequate security level for the best protection.

How to Hire a Personal Bodyguard

If you’ve decided that you do need bodyguards, cast the appropriate level of security for optimal protection, and get the help you deserve, you’ll need to know the different considerations when choosing a professionally trained bodyguard. Don’t just hire any muscle-bound individual off of the street to be a personal bodyguard. It’s best to contact local protection agencies and personally interview prospective candidates to make sure you find the right one for your specific security needs.

To help you out, here’s a step-by-step guide to hiring bodyguards.

  • Know Your Specific Needs

Before hiring a bodyguard, it’s best to decide what type you need. Different bodyguards are now offering various ‘protective services,’ this specialty is divided into several categories, depending on the individual they’re protecting. For example, the ‘talent protection’ category consists of bodyguards specially trained to protect celebrities, actors, musicians, and athletes. These professionals undergo intensive training in keeping their presence dormant so that they can remain as unobtrusive to your life as possible. 

  • Decide What Physique You Prefer

If your chances of getting mugged, robbed, or attacked are relatively high, it’s better to choose a guard with a massive frame to show and deter assailants. But if you think you’re not likely to face any dangerous situations, but want a bodyguard to keep you company and do some tasks, then it’s best to hire personal security with an average build. 

  • Check Your State’s Requirements for Private Security Licensing

It’s best to check your country’s requirements for bodyguard licenses before hiring them because some may issue these to incapable bodyguards that lack proper training. That’s why it’s not advisable to go for a bodyguard service with only a state license. It’s better to get private security services with federal licenses.

  • Ask the Candidate to Show their Certifications

It’s important to remember that there’s a difference between having a license and being certified for bodyguards. A license is a government-issued permit granted to individuals who don’t have the proper bodyguard training, depending on the state or country’s licensing requirements. In contrast, certificates are proof that the bodyguard has undergone complete professional security training. Various countries have different organizations that issue these certificates to professional bodyguards.

  • Conduct a Criminal Background Check

To get the appropriate security service you deserve, make sure you’re not hiring a criminal to protect you. It’s best to do a criminal background check before hiring a bodyguard. You can do this by searching the internet for past criminal records or paying for a simple criminal history check. 

  • Test their Skills Set

Although candidates can be eager to share their experience with you, it’s best to test their skill set beforehand to see if they’re a good fit for your specific security needs. Essential skills that every capable bodyguard includes:

  • Knowing how to walk or stand with their employer without being too obtrusive.
  • Work in advance to prepare for travel.
  • Capable of dealing with sudden attacks or security threats swiftly.
  • Knowledge of physical security,
  • Mastery of martial art, driving, and computer skills. 


  • Check their Portfolio 

Ask for your applicant’s portfolio and go through it thoroughly. It’s also great to ask them for the names of well-known figures they’ve worked for in the past, and they stopped working with that particular employer. Lastly, it’s best to look for qualities such as responsiveness, commitment, loyalty, confidence, honesty, attention to detail, and discretion to receive the best security personnel. 

Can Anyone Hire a Bodyguard?

Yes. Because of the increasing demands for personal security services, these professionals are now becoming more accessible. You can employ a bodyguard if you think you’re dealing with daily situations requiring personal security assistance. These can include frequently receiving threats or if you travel to distant countries often.

Costs of Hiring a Bodyguard

The fees that these professionals may charge you will depend on your specific security needs. If you need a bodyguard to protect you for a short period, such as moving cash or a valuable item from one location to another, it won’t cost you thousands of dollars. However, if you require security 24/7, it’s going to cost you a lot. You can also work with security companies that employ bodyguards to help you see which individuals can provide the best protection at minimal costs.

If you’re looking for a bodyguard for hire, it’s best to consult with local professional security agencies in your area to make sure you only get the best of the best. These agencies make these individuals undergo extensive inspections to ensure the bodyguard has the right experience and provides the best security level to clients.