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DMAC Security offers bodyguard services not only for celebrities, politicians, executives and dignitaries but also offers affordable protection services for regular citizens. DMAC Strategic offers professional bodyguard and executive protection services for anyone at all who requires protection, without having to pay a huge amount for it.


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DMAC Security Bodyguard Services

When you consider the safety of your most prized possessions, your own life, your family and loved ones, your valuables and your assets, you want to protect them with all that you have and there can be no compromises in terms of the quality in the case that any of these are threatened. This is where DMAC Security plays a very important role. We have been the business of providing bodyguard services for over 30 years and understand the business very well. DMAC Security has ample experience in law enforcement and management and have a full-service team of armed and unarmed security personnel.

Our Bodyguards:

  • Protect politicians, celebrities, members of royal families, diplomats, dignitaries, VIPs, members of NGOs, multinational employees and individuals.
  • Our bodyguards are specially trained and are experienced men and women who are polite and possess the social etiquette that will enable them to accompany you anywhere and to any social occasion or event.
  • And, apart from just efficient security and protection services, our bodyguards also assist you while traveling, can act as your personal assistant if required and generally make your work, travel and life easy and safe so that you can focus on your work with complete peace of mind knowing that you are protected at all times.

At DMAC Security, we have the highest commitment to training, quality and mentorship, which ensures that our end customers receive the highest level of service and the company provides in-house training for all the employees which exceeds the industry standards.

Our Commitment to Excellent Bodyguard Service

Our bodyguards are committed to meeting all your requirements and ensuring maximum customer satisfaction. You can rest assured that by partnering with us, you will have the highest quality of performance. Our clients agree that our specialist security teams are nothing but the best and can safeguard the things that matter the most to you.

There are several reasons and situations where you may decide that you require the services of a bodyguard. And, if you either fall into any of the categories that need the services of DMAC Security’s bodyguard services or you feel that you or your loved ones require personal protection for some other reason that is completely different, then don’t hesitate to call us at DMAC Strategic for a free consultation and we will be happy to help you.

Why Hire a Bodyguard?

  • The main reason why you would need bodyguard services is if you are famous. Usually, important and famous people such as celebrities, politicians, actors, dignitaries, executives, VIPs, etc. who need protection, hire bodyguards. They usually have one bodyguard, if not a posse of bodyguards for protection. Often famous people face threats such as aggressive fans, stalkers, etc. which is why they require executive protection.
  • You may require to hire a bodyguard service if you are handling or transporting large amounts of cash or items of high value. The bodyguard will remain close to you at all times and keep a watch on the things around you, ensuring that you and the money or items you are carrying are safe from theft.
  • If you are in the limelight for some reason such as witnessing some crime, being involved in some crime, a scandal or if you have won a lottery, among many other such situations. then you may require personal security to keep you safe.
  • You may decide to hire a bodyguard service for personal protection when you are on a business trip. Whether you’re going for any business meeting or you’re traveling abroad, you may need a bodyguard for your safety and so you can hire DMAC Security bodyguards who can ensure that you are well protected when you travel.
  • Domestic disputes, domestic violence or divorce can turn quite ugly. In such cases, you can depend on DMAC Security’s bodyguard services. In case you have received a threat from your spouse or if you have had any instance of personal harm, you can hire a bodyguard to protect you. The bodyguard will oversee all the visits you have with your spouse during the course of the divorce such as moving your belongings, etc. and ensures that you are safe and that all things proceed smoothly without any disruptions.
  • You could also hire the bodyguard services of DMAC Security in other circumstances such as:
    • Protecting your family members.
    • Protecting your employees.
    • Facing threats from others.
    • Having a reliable and trusted backup when you are working in a foreign country.
    • To have a comfort zone even if there is no threat.

What Our Clients Say

"I highly recommend DMAC Security, their management and team is top notch! I have worked with then on many occasions and have seen their officers, always attentive and courteous. "

Brian | Baltimore, MD

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