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Finding contract security guard services that perform ethically and professionally is a big challenge, as not all security teams are created equally. While some companies prefer to hire security teams that work directly with them, others choose to secure themselves by opting for services from an outside company.


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Contract Security Guards

Contract Security

Hiring security on contract helps business owners limit their liability and worries about training the security guards. A major concern while choosing contract security is whether the external company would provide adequate security, meeting the needs of a company. Selecting a company that can provide competent services legally is a must.

What We Do

We employ security guards after a thorough background check on them. This makes our service reliable and efficient. We take the full onus of providing updated training to our team in order to help them serve you better. Our contract security teams offer the following benefits:

Professional Approach to Security

Our guards are trained well according to company standards and relevant local laws, thus providing a safe and professional approach towards managing a client’s security. They are approachable and thus add to the professional reputation of the client’s company.


Hiring security on contract involves the signing of legal documents between us and our clients. The contract serves as a legal document of commitment and we take it seriously.

Provide Convenience to Clients

If a client chooses to have their own security team then it involves finding the right people for the job, establishing their credibility and bearing high training costs. A contract security team provided by us, on the other hand, takes away such a burden from our clients and helps them to focus on what they do best – while we do what we do best.

The DMAC Advantage

We are a trusted name in providing contract security as we are the perfect link between commitment, convenience and reliability. We hold valid licenses and consider the appointment of dedicated security guards quite crucial to cater to the needs of our clients.

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