It has become the norm to have security at retail stores such as high-end boutiques, jewelry stores and shopping marts. Retail stores are a thing of the present and experience a large volume of people visiting them on a daily basis. Since retail stores are supposed to attract people to try the variety of products being offered, most of these products are required to be kept on display. This increases the chances of theft and shoplifting. Cases of internal theft by staff members is also a source of concern for retail business owners.


It is essential that security is employed to monitor large crowds of people visiting a retail store daily in order to identify potential threats and shoplifters.


What We Do

We provide security officers to secure retail outlets by channelizing years of experience acquired in keeping people and businesses safe. Following is a list of services that we undertake to maintain security at retail outlets:


Prevention of Shoplifting

A retail outlet could become a hotspot for thieves if proper security measures are not undertaken. This could result in huge losses and may even lead to the business being shut down.


Protection from Violence

A criminal may get violent with the store staff. If there are no concrete security measures in place, a lot of valuable time is lost in waiting for the police to arrive. Our trained security staff is capable of handling such aggressive incidents to prevent damage to staff and property.


Improve Customer Service

A security guard is the first person that customers encounter while entering an outlet. A well-trained guard reflects well on the retail brand as it makes customers feel safe and protected.

Here’s what we can do for your retail store:

  • Proactive undercover security services, as directed
  • Security surveillance (secret) of employee activities, cash registers, and other critical areas
  • Plainclothes or uniformed officers patrolling all retail, inventory and/or receiving areas
  • Armed or unarmed officers, depending on your needs and desires
  • Scheduled after-hours escorts to employee cars and/or cash deposit escorts to local bank branches
  • Complete site security services, part time, full time or event-related (i.e. sidewalk sales etc.)
  • Web-based or onsite in-person surveillance and reporting services that can supplement onsite security patrols
  • Observe and report only services, upon request
  • Customized security and loss prevention/investigation services

The DMAC Advantage

We provide uniformed shop-floor security, door supervisors and stockroom security staff to address the needs of our clients. We believe that every client has unique requirements and we strive to meet their expectations.

Get the security services you need, guaranteed.