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30 Years of K9 Security Service Experience

Our K9 security teams consist of professional handlers and highly trained German shepherds, Dobermans, Rottweiler’s, and other large dog breeds commonly used as police and guard dogs. Impressive and intimidating, these dogs are an effective deterrent against crime. In addition, our K9 security dogs have been trained to locate illegal drugs, explosive devices, and hidden weapons as well as to alert handlers to unusual activities or sounds.

k9 security service

What Our K9 Security Teams Do

In Maryland, K9 security teams are often called upon to:

  • Guard Commercial and Residential Properties

Our K9 units can guard both residential and large-scale venues. They are trained to apprehend any entity that may serve as a threat to your property. Our k 9 officers undergo intensive training to bite armed suspects and hold them, hostage, putting their lives on the line to go against these threatening individuals to keep your properties safe. Our apprehension dogs consist of Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherds, and German Shepherds. These are top of the line herding breeds with the appropriate physical strength and intelligence to restrain dangerous individuals.

  • Screen Event Attendees for Weapons, Drugs, and Explosives

It’s no secret that dogs have an extraordinary sense of smell thanks to their noses’ over 200 million scent receptors. Our K9 detection dogs undergo intensive training to detect various contrabands, including drugs, explosives, accelerants, and other crime scene evidence you may need efficiently. DMAC Security’s k 9 detection dogs can perform their tasks anywhere, from large-scale venues like airports to civilian vehicles, keeping their handlers and personnel safe from imminent danger.

  • Serve as a Visual Deterrent at Special Events

Our K9 units provide effective deterrence for dangerous suspects at large or small-scale venues. Hiring our animal officers for high-profile or large-scale events, schools, malls, and schools is the most comprehensive security option you have.

  • Accompany Security Guards on Patrol

Our k 9 security units undergo rigorous training to assist security officials in maintaining order. They can help by chasing down a criminal suspect and hold them down until their partners arrive or guard dangerous areas like jails or prisons, keeping suspects at bay.

  • Locate Suspects in Hiding

Our k 9 police specialize in tracking use their powerful sense of smell to track dangerous suspects or criminals in hiding. They can search through the harshest conditions such as rubble after a terroristic explosion or earthquakes. Our animal officers can cover large areas in a relatively short period, providing the appropriate assistance you need when tracking down dangerous entities.

  • Inspect Convention Centers and Other Venues for Explosives prior to a Political Event or Executive Conference

Our explosive detection dogs prove to be excellent psychological deterrents against terrorist and criminal threats. They are the most efficient countermeasure available regarding explosive detection, especially for high-scale events. Our k 9 explosive detector teams consist of dogs and their handlers, conducting thorough searches for various potentially explosive materials near building exteriors, security checkpoints, secluded locations, and other parts of their assigned facilities, ensuring everyone’s safety.

  • Search and Rescue 

Our K9 security officers can help in locating missing individuals or victims of natural and man-made disasters. They can cover several miles of forests looking for lost hikers or locate drowned victims underwater. Our k 9 team can search through the harshest conditions, like the aftermath of a hurricane or explosion, ensuring no loved one is left behind. Although human searches play an essential role in search and rescue, our dogs can get the job done accurately and fast.

  • Locating Cadavers 

Our dogs can help in finding human cadavers or remains of deceased individuals. This function can help detectives or police departments with extended pending missing person cases or suspicions of murder, allowing them to pinpoint the potentially dead victims’ location with ease.

K9 divisions have been part of local law enforcement agencies for decades, performing duties ranging from drug and bomb detection to suspect or missing person searches. The training required for dogs and their handlers to effectively perform is extensive and expensive. As a result, most private security companies do not have a K9 division.

As with all of our Baltimore security guard services, our K9 security service is tailored to best meet your security needs. Whether you need a strong visual presence onsite, a one-time security sweep for drugs or explosives, or a comprehensive security solution that blends K9 security with other security services, our standards are among the highest in the industry.

DMAC Security takes pride in providing the highest quality private security service, and that requires investing in a K9 division. We have K9 security officers and handlers available to provide standing guard, event security and other personal protective service

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