Armed Security Companies in MD

Maryland Armed Security Guards

A company requires security services so that their business can be safe and protected from destructive elements of different nature. Having a security guard on duty can certainly provide peace of mind that their daily operations will run smoothly because there is a security presence. The kind of security and the type of officers required to depend on what business the company also has.

Each armed security company looking for armed security officers has different requirements for skills, years of experience, job description, etc. If you are an armed security officer in Baltimore, MD who is searching to land a security guard position for a company in MD, it is best to check out a couple of armed forces security services such as Chenega Corporation Laurel MD, Inc as you might just find the job type that matches your skills.

How to be an Eligible Armed Security Officer in Baltimore, MD?

For those who would like to be a security guard in Baltimore, MD, there are some requirements that you must fulfill before you can become one. In MD, to become an armed officer, you must be able to have an MD Wear and Carry Permit, and you must also finish the 16 hours approved MD firearm training course. The cost to become an armed security guard is around $75 in Baltimore, MD.

Before becoming an armed officer would require you to undergo further training before you can carry any type of weapon.

A-List of Some Top Armed Forces Services in Baltimore, MD

If you are a new security guard in the state of Maryland who wishes to get in a company, here are some security services that you may want to check out and see the jobs they offer.

  • Blueguard Security
  • Police Protection Services
  • Armed Security T/A Butler Security Inc.
  • Echelon Baltimore Security Guards, Bodyguards
  • Archangel Global Security Guards of Washington DC
  • Silver Star Security
  • Abraham Security and Training
  • K&T Security Company
  • K17 Security
  • Smart Security Pros
  • America Protective Security
  • MVP Protective Services
  • DMAC Security and Firewatch
  • Paragon Systems

Qualifications to Get Hired as an Armed Security Officer in Baltimore MD

To get hired, the description of jobs varies, and you should always be available to work at any time because most require immediate hiring. The first thing required is for you to be open to a shifting schedule as it can be from either 6am to 2pm or 2pm to 10pm or 10pm to 6am, etc. depending on the need of your employer. Aside from the shifting schedule, you should also be open to work on weekends and holidays, and usually, the job is full time. However, if you are only available part-time, you need to discuss it with your armed forces agency before being deployed.

To be hired whether in Baltimore, MD, or Laurel, MD, you should be able to fulfill all the requirements in the local, state, and federal, and you need to be 21 years old at the least and be able to work in the United States legally. A high school diploma or its equivalent may also be necessary. You need to have a negative result for the drug screening and pass the criminal background check, meaning there should be no convictions or other felony arrests. To get an armed officer job, you should have a driver s license, social security, and a Maryland guard card, as well as an email address and a mobile phone so you can be reached easily.

Duties and Responsibilities 

As part of the security administration and law enforcement in MD, your main job is to protect the premises you are guarding and part of the service to prevent violence, theft, or other rule violations. Another benefit that may be asked is for the armed forces officer to control the traffic through the entrance gates and monitor the employees, guests, and other people entering and leaving the premises. Part of the service of an armed forces officer in MD is to create daily reports of the activities that are happening in the premises and report any property or equipment damage and note down the presence of any unauthorized individual or other unusual situations.

An armed forces officer in MD should also have experience in responding to emergencies and customer service because they also need to know how to communicate with other personnel within the premises they are guarding. An armed forces officer in MD needs to comply with all the safety and employee policies set in the guarding business.

An armed forces officer can be a lucrative career as you can earn from $23,000 a year up to $46,000.