Security Guard Companies In MD

Maryland Security Guards: Keeping Your Business Secured

Wherever you live in the United States, you should not leave your house or business worrying if you can make it home safe. However, with the increasing crime rate, the idea of being safe always is vague. The best way homeowners and business owners can guarantee safety in Maryland are by employing a security guard from reliable security guard companies in Md.

Security guards can protect individuals and properties by inspecting and patrolling residential sites, commercial buildings, and properties in Baltimore, MD. Security guards protect premises from theft, terrorism, fire, vandalism, and other unlawful acts. They also patrol the areas to prevent any crime and keep the family, property, commercial business, employees, and assets safe from harm and threats.

Security Guard Responsibilities in Baltimore, Md

If you want to hire an officer for your personal, business or your home’s security on a part-time or full-time basis in Baltimore area, here are some of their duties.

Provides Immediate Help During Emergencies

In times of emergencies, a professional guard will help individuals in real-time as they are the first law enforcement officers on site. Hence, security guards should always be sharp, enabling them to react as soon as a dangerous situation arises. They are known experts to handle natural disasters, fire, and terrorist attacks.

Deterring Unlawful Individuals 

One of the responsibilities of a security guard is to make sure they are visible within the vicinity of their assigned area. Most criminals, such as muggers, robbers, and shoplifters, will be hesitant to proceed with their unlawful activities if they see an active security guard walking and monitoring the area. This allows them to act as a visible deterrent in keeping and serving companies in Baltimore, Md.

Maintain Order at Large-Scale Gatherings

Besides the security services such as patrolling and inspecting the assigned sites, security guard duties are to provide maintenance order at huge events like political rallies, parties, or religious gatherings.

Observe and Report

A professional security guard observes everything that is happening in the area they are patrolling to ensure the safety of the place. Once a problem occurs inside the premises, they have to report them to higher enforcement officers or the designated authorities. Regular monitoring and reports can help you understand what happened and what is happening around Maryland’s business.

Security guards’ duties may also include answering phone calls, replying to emails or text messages, running errands, and more. When you are looking for security service options, guard officers can be a good choice as they do not only guard the area, but they inspect and protect your business and residential properties.

Reliable Security Company In Baltimore, MD

When looking for a reliable security company in Baltimore, Maryland, look for the one with the premier reputation and employ licensed professional security officers. Ensure that the company you work with comply with the Maryland State Police Licensing Division regulations, including employing licensed security guards. The following are the common security job requirements of security service company in Baltimore area.

  • Detailed pre-hire process, including a background check, experience and reference check.
  • Vast training for newly hired security officers
  • Continuous training and education throughout their security job.
  • Standardized uniform and appearance observance.
  • Officer’s personality and temper management are out into consideration when assigning posts.

What Security Guard Services Offer

Besides keeping your properties safe from unlawful activities, a security guard provides various security services, including:

  • Guard and impose laws on their employer’s residential or commercial properties.
  • Monitor alarms and CCTV cameras for possible crime around their assigned areas.
  • Making regular security checks around their patrolling areas.
  • They control access to the property for visitors, contractors, customers, and employees.
  • Account witnesses information if a crime occurs in the future testimonies, in case needed in court.
  • Create complete and detailed reports.
  • Detain or apprehend criminals caught doing illegal activities inside their employer’s vicinity.

Hence, a security guard has to be alert during their shifts to look out for anything unordinary. They can ask assistance from policemen and ambulance services in case of accidents happen out of their control.

How to Hire Security Guards

Whether you are a company owner or own a large home in Maryland, ensuring everyone’s safety inside your premises should be on your top priority list. If you are considering hiring a security service, here are some tips to bear in mind.

  • Choose Candidates with a Clean Criminal Background. Although doing a background check can be costly, it is a requirement for licensing officers in Maryland. So, before choosing a security service provider, make sure to do criminal background checks on all officers.
  • Choose Individuals with Excellent Interpersonal Skills. Make sure to evaluate the guard’s interaction with you and your staff. Find if they pass your criteria of being friendly and professional.
  • Choose Candidates that Write Well. Aside from the standard security services the officers provide, they are also asked to write reports. Regular reports are crucial for companies for future legal troubles. So it would be best if you chose the individuals that can write well.

The last and important thing you need to consider is determining if you need an armed and unarmed security guard service. If you are concerned about your valuable assets’ security, it is best to hire an armed guard from a reliable security company. But, if you are only looking for a security service to make rounds around your residential or commercial property, unarmed security guards can help you.


When looking for a security company, make sure that they are reputable, with proper credentials and certifications in serving and guarding their clients’ business and home in Baltimore, Md. You deserve quality service, so check on different security companies, find out about the security services they offer, and see which fits your specific needs.