Security Guard Companies in Baltimore

Baltimore Security Guard Companies: Keeping Your Business Secured

Everyday situations are not totally safe. There can be threats or opportunism everywhere. There can be incidents that may affect your safety, and risk is always high, especially for high-value individuals in Baltimore, MD. So there is a high demand for security services serving VIPs, government officials, and celebrities to protect them from hostile and risky acts that could affect their personal safety, welfare, and business.

Baltimore security officers can be armed and unarmed security guards. Security guards can also be deployed individually and in teams where they can perform patrols by foot, bikes, and registered or unmarked vehicles. Some security guards wear uniforms, and others are in plain clothes and must display identification badges and their agency.

Best Baltimore Security Guard Company

When choosing a security guard company, look for a company that understands the Baltimore Area. Baltimore is the largest city in Maryland, with many historic districts where security services have always been in demand. Commercial property, corporate building, and industrial businesses are most in need of security solutions.

Each Baltimore company needs personal and unique services. Working with the right security guard company will enable you to identify your need, requirements, and budget to make a customized protective plan. It is either you require surveillance, guard patrol, or a team of security officer on the building or premises.

Security Concerns & Services in Baltimore, MD

When hiring a security guard service in Baltimore area, whether for private or commercial, it not only gives you security, but it also gives you peace of mind. Whether you are a business or homeowner, you would want your building or property to be secure and safe. There can be a lot of choices to choose from when you would like to invest in security service. However, understanding the common concerns and issues in employing security will help you determine if the solutions are right for you. Here are the common security company concerns and services in Baltimore, Md.

  • Mobile Patrol Services. Since Baltimore, MD, is popular among tourists, visitors and even residents can greatly benefit from mobile patrol security services. Among the common issues that a patrol security company can provide are property damage and theft, assault, and battery. They are likely to occur in areas without a security presence.
  • Loss Prevention Solutions. Due to many residential and businesses in Baltimore area, loss prevention is an example of the top security company concerns. Employing the right patrol or guard service is an example of the best ways to lessen loss and theft for local business establishments. A security service can be in-uniform guards to provide emergency response solutions, surveillance services, and patrol methods designed to catch the culprit or act as a blocker to prevent crime.
  • Armed Guards. Security services can be armed guard services for areas like residential site, schools and government buildings that need a stronger presence of security employees. Areas that involve large amounts of cash and other valuable items can mostly attract criminals. But in most cases, the visible presence of armed guards is enough to deter criminals, making them go elsewhere and see for other and easier targets.

In Baltimore, Md, one of the best means to get into the security profession is by having military or law enforcement background. It’s because everyone in the army has received security training, including doing desk jobs and running shops. Most employers would favor hiring security employees who have a military background and will be glad to have such individuals on the team.

Highest Paying Security Guard Jobs in Baltimore

The security industry is similar to computer programming, wherein what you can do is more important than what you know. To get a high-paying security guard job is best to have security service management expertise. Even those who have criminal records were able to get a job due to their proven expertise in security services, although it is on the other side of the law. But don’t consider going that route.

It is hard to determine how much security experts can make as their salary differs from place to place. In Baltimore, Md, years of experience, associations, and including special skills are factors that can make a difference in their wages. The following are the average salary of security guards based on various sources, such as Glassdoor and Payscale.

1. Chief Information Security Officer

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is a senior position and among the highest-paid security management services. They are accountable for the improvement and implementation of cybersecurity systems for an organization.

Their salary is between $154,000 and $380,000 per year, and the median salary for this job is $249,000.

2. Security Architect

Security Architect belongs to the list of highest paying security guard services, and a professional who designs, builds, tests, and implements security systems within a network. The average salary for this job is $124,600.

3. Risk Manager

A risk manager’s job is to work with client companies or businesses to determine and assess any possible risks to the firm, affecting the organization’s safety, reputation, security, property, or financial state. The average salary for this job is $101,404.

4. Systems, Network, and/or Web Penetration Tester

One of the in-demand among security job seekers is a Systems, Network, and/or Web Penetration Tester or “PenTester.” Considered as a highest-paying career, it needs a lot of expertise. It provides professional service crash into and discover escapades in computer networks and software to determine the network’s vulnerabilities. The average salary for this job is $83,137.

5. Network Security Engineer

A Network Security Engineer (NSE) is a software and IT engineer and a well-paid job. An NSE must maintain computer tools and software consisting of a computer network. It deals with the health of the entire network.

The Importance Of Having The Right Guards in Baltimore, MD

One of the biggest mistakes that security guard providers can commit is not matching up the right guard with the right client. Security guard services are considered an organic part of an event, a residential building, commercial building or a commercial business to support activities that are going on in the site and give ease to every person involved. Hence, it is vital to find the right company in Baltimore, Md that understands your needs and who provides assignments that are the right fit for the job.


A reliable security guard company should have quality management by utilizing screening and hiring policies, background checking, drug testing, and following the current state requirements for training and licensing. Whether you would like to hire security guard services or you consider joining the profession, it is essential to know what you should look for in a company to receive the quality security service.