Party Security

Party Security Service: Best Practices to Minimize Risk

If you have a special event or private party and that day is fast approaching, you have to get the necessary things ready to make sure it will be successful. There are vital parts that you must give importance to ensure that everything will run smoothly. One of them is the party security concerns, and the right number of security guards your private party needs to control the crowd and keep the place safe. There are a lot of things you have to consider in hiring the a party security service.

Choosing The Right Security Company For You

What should you look for in a security guard company to hire for your private party needs?

Qualified and Licensed Security Guards

Choose a company that only employs qualified and licensed security officers. Research if their security guards have the proper certification so you can make sure that they can provide the best level of protection that will be needed in your private party in a variety of circumstances.

Regional Experience

Find a security service company that has served in your region, with reliable and exceptional security guards. These guards are aware of the specific concerns of the locale. They are familiar with the environment and enough knowledge to use in handling private parties.

Security Industry Versatility

Choose a security service that has experience providing event security services to homes, businesses, and government parties. Hiring a security for a party can assure you that you have the most needed protection and that they are capable of handling a lot of events like a private party.


Find a company that will not require you to sign a long-term contract. You wouldn’t want to get locked to a security company service that does not perform or meet your expectations. A reliable security company will only charge reasonable fees equivalent to the services they are giving. You should have the freedom to determine how long you will need security services and to pay only for that time.

Offers a Wide Variety of Security Services

Choose a company that can provide you all in one guard services for your private event. A reputable security company will offer security guards but will also introduce you to alarm responses, home alarm installation, CCTVs, and other security systems.

How Many Event Security Guards Do You Need?

When hiring a security service, another thing to regard is the size of your private part. The number of security guards you require depends on the venue’s size and the number of people coming. In general, one guard per 100 people at a private party or private event is advised. With this rule, you can plan your budget when it comes to security guard services accordingly.

You can ask the security service agency for help regarding their experience in small to medium-sized and large private events. They can give you advice according to their expertise in the correct amount of security guards for your private event.

Small to Medium Sized Events and Parties

Smaller parties don’t certainly equate lesser security personnel service. Small to medium-sized private parties held outdoors in a wide area may require several guards. The purpose is to control the entry and exit in various spots. The same goes for a private party in a more spacious room with many entrances.

However, a smaller room private party with a lot of guests can become challenging to control. If the party is open for everyone, it can be vulnerable to “party crashers,” it may require professional security guards who are experienced in this kind of situation.

Large-Scale Events

For Larger parties, you will need significant event securities. No matter the venues’ size, there is always a risk that a large crowd can be difficult to control. You would not want an understaffed private event from a security standpoint. You could get into legal issues for not having enough party security, particularly if there will be commotion or someone getting injured.

Knowing your private party’s scale, a security company knows what type of guard is suitable for your private parties. A high profile private party, with high-value individuals and VIPs, may need visibly armed security guards. In contrast, a low key private event with no high-value assets and fewer guests may require an unarmed party security services.

How Much Does a Security Guard Cost?

In the present time, you can hire anything, you may need service from a personal bodyguard to armed security personnel for every situation and party.

Security for event is consists of regular guards who look over parties and take care of things like patrolling the private party space, screening visitors who come to the occasion like private parties. Private party security personnel handle guests’ violent behavior, disputes party crashers, and those who are off the guest lists, and other minor disturbances. Event security guards are well equipped with basic security knowledge and are licensed individuals. Commonly, party security guards are available at prices starting $45 per hour.

Event Security Tips to Keep Your Guests Safe

It is the private party host’s job to ensure the safety of the guests, but oftentimes, party security is the last component of event organizers to consider. So it usually gets a smaller part of the budget more than it deserves. Whenever there is a large gathering of people, security is always a threat. Catastrophes like Bataclan in Paris, the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, and the Bastille Day truck attack in Nice have proven that party security should be the top priority of a private party preparation list. 

The potential risk of harm is too high to take the party security less seriously. Here are important tips to prepare yourself for mishap in case you are the party host.

1. Assess Your Security Risks

When it comes to security for events, different events have different security needs. One example is a politician’s campaign speech, which has a higher risk than a kid’s birthday party. So when hiring event security services, know what type of risk you will be dealing with. Some of the few things you should consider in hiring security services are:

  • The host of the private party
  • The attendees or guests
  • The context of the party
  • Media presence
  • Type of venue
  • Location of the party

2. Keep Your Security Levels Visible

The main objective of security for an event is not to respond to criminal threats, but the goal is to deter them from happening. It is best if the potential troublemaker sees your security measures and doesn’t pursue his plan. Hence, putting your security services undercover may put your party to more harm than good. Because the agitator may think that your party is not protected or secured.

3. Create Security Checkpoints

One of the key ways to protect your guests or your private party is to set up checkpoints away from your venue where the guests can pass through to get inside. This will lead the agitators to confront security personnel before causing damage to your party.

4. Keep Private Events Private

Some people like to publicly announce their party, but if the parties are not open to the public, it is better to keep them private among guests. If agitators don’t know about the private party, then there is no possible harm or trouble that can disrupt your party.

5. Screen Your Staff

Unfortunately, some risks come from the inside. You must be aware of the people who work with you, so ensure that they don’t have malicious intentions. You can have those who work with your background checked. You can also make credit checks, especially to personnel who have access to large sums of money.

If your staff does not work together frequently, introduce them to one another before the event or the private party. In this way, they check for people who do not belong or are posing as staff. Giving your team a unique identifier during the party which you can use to help your staff distinguish each other, but make sure that no one has access to the identifier before the day of the event.

6. Consider Hiring Outside Help

If you think your party security services needs are high, you would want to make some room in your budget to hire security professionals. You can trust your party staff, but the trained guards of an experienced security team can be a huge help in maintaining peace during high-risk private parties. Once you have hired professionals, listen to their suggestions as they are well aware of the right security plan. If you don’t want to hire a private security team service, you may consider hiring off-duty police officers. They are also trained for this kind of situation and are legally allowed to carry firearms.


You can’t eliminate all party security risks, but you can reduce the possibility or chances of threats to your guests through discouraging agitators from causing trouble through a tight security service. The keys to good security are preparation and vigilance. If you are aware of potential harm and hire safety service to counter trouble, you can have a safe party for your guests.

Considering the above points in hiring event security guards for your parties will guarantee your guests have a quality, protected, and successful party experience. The choice of hiring the right security service company and the right number of security guards is vital in protecting the investment you have in your event.