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The security threats that high net worth individuals and senior executives at major organizations have to deal with on a regular basis is markedly different from that faced by most other people. New security risks and warnings crop up everyday that can potentially wreck their packed daily schedules and result in losses for the organization or disrupt their lives and that of their families. All high profile individuals have the standard security measures in place at their homes and their workplace such as security alarms, video surveillance, security guards stationed outside their home and office, screening visitors, etc. However, these aren’t enough, because one of the key characteristics of high profile individuals is that they are constantly on the move, but the the security measures put in place at their homes and offices can’t move around with them. Hence, personal security services is critical for all such people.

DMAC Security has been providing personal security services to high net worth individuals, celebrities, top politicians, corporate honchos, etc. in Maryland for three decades now. With experience, we have understood the subtle differences between the security requirements of these people and we tailor our services to meet specific requirements. For example, the personal security measures required by a celebrity are different from that of a government official. Our attention to detail and high quality customer service sets us apart from other security services companies and the preferred option of those looking for personal security services in Maryland.

We only work with the best security personnel. A number of them are former law enforcement officers or have significant military experience. They have the requisite training and experience to develop strategies to eliminate security threats and yet be adept at thinking on their feet, when required. They also have the necessary training to handle weapons effectively to neutralize dangers. We have worked with various celebrities, corporate executives and government officials, as well as people who have been victims of physical abuse or violence, who are being harassed by a stalker, etc. We provide both on-demand and long-term personal security services.

At DMAC, we take personal security concerns very seriously and our services cover all aspects or factors.

  • Evaluating and Identifying Potential Threats and Risks: Once you hire us and one or more security personnel are assigned to you, we thoroughly study all past threats faced by you. We also study your schedule and identify all potential risks. If you have previously been in a dangerous situation, we evaluate what went wrong and how it could have been avoided. This extensive background research helps us ensure that nothing of this nature happens in the future. We might have to ask you a few uncomfortable questions at this stage, but understand that it’s ultimately for your own safety.
  • Identifying Safe Travel Routes: How you travel and which routes you take have a major say on how safe and secure you are. It’s not necessary that we will alter each and every route you used to follow previously. Our primary goal is to eliminate as many risks as possible. In order to achieve this goal, we might recommend certain alterations. If changing a particular route isn’t possible, we will put in place stricter security measures.
  • Developing Escape Plans: It’s important to develop escape plans while you’re in alien territory. It could be an event, a business meeting, during a stay at a hotel, etc. It might seem like an extreme measure, but it’s always better to be prepared for the worst, even if the chances of something drastic happening are low. Developing an escape plan is also an excellent way to evaluate the overall security level of the place you are in.
  • Gathering Intelligence: Our security personnel are primarily ex-law enforcement or ex-military. They have in-depth knowledge of gathering intelligence and utilizing it to their benefit. They will gather all relevant information related to your activities and based on it all decisions regarding potential threats, safe travel routes and escape plans will be made. Ex-law enforcement professionals in our security team have connections with their former informants, who help in gathering intelligence as well.
  • Detecting Suspicious Behavior: Meticulous planning is important, but remaining alert at all time is equally essential. Our security personnel are vigilant at all times and identify suspicious behavior and neutralize it before it can lead to any real danger.
  • Managing Medical Emergencies: Medical emergencies may crop up during the course of a day and our security personnel are trained to handle such situations effectively. They can perform basic first aid and inform medical experts, when required.
  • Managing Large Security Teams during Events: During events several additional security personnel need to be managed and allocated specific tasks and duties. Our vastly-experienced security team can handle this without a problem.

We, at DMAC Security, provide a free consultation to all our clients. Our team will tell you how we can take care of your security requirements. We assess risks and develop strategies based on this information. Finally, the best security personnel are deployed.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us right away. Call us on (301) 579-4129 for a free quote.

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