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Hiring the Right Private Security Guards for Your Business

A private security company provides armed or unarmed security services to private or public clients. A private company of security officers offer patrolling and guarding services by providing bodyguards, guard dogs, parking security, and security guards to clients. These professionals can prevent unauthorized entries or activities, make proper traffic regulations, prevent theft prevention or detection, and more. The private security industry is continuously growing, and there are over 2 million full-time security guards and other officials in the United States alone.

If you’re considering hiring private security for your business or home, here are the things you need to know before hiring one to ensure you only get the best private guard.

Different Types of Private Company Security Services

Private security services provide business owners and homeowners with the appropriate protection they need. If you avail of these professional services, you don’t have to risk a possible slow response time by your local law enforcement officials. These professionals are often overwhelmed with other emergencies around the Baltimore, MD area. 

There are various kinds of private security services, from a personal private security guard to patrolling officers. Below are brief explanations of their duties to help you see which service works best for your specific needs.

Private Security Guard

You can hire a private security guard on an as-needed basis from your local security company in Baltimore, MD. These firms cater to different clients, providing you the assistance of these professionals for nightly watches on your business or home if you’ve had a problem with break-ins. Whatever your reason may be for hiring a guard, these professionals will ensure your protection and safety.

The different security guards that you can hire include:

  • Armed Security Guard 

This professional carries guns during their shifts alongside other potentially lethal weapons. Hiring them is the best choice if you’re experiencing high threat levels like facing a situation that involves violence or thievery. The law provides stringent requirements for these professionals, including completing state-mandated guns certification and additional training. 

  • Unarmed Security Guard

Hiring these individuals is ideal if you require assistance with low threat level jobs, including regular surveillance, entry controls, crime deterrents, patrolling, and policy enforcement. They undergo intensive training that allows them to apprehend criminals without violence.

  • Off-Duty Police Officers 

Clients can hire off-duty active police officers from a private security firm to maintain order and traffic flow at significant community events like festivals and parades. If you’re looking for extra protection at home, you can also hire these individuals to patrol your property when they get off from work. 

Patrol Services

Hiring private patrol services allow you to have a guard patrol your properties at specific times determined by you. These individuals can help minimize the likelihood of intrusions in your business or home once people in your area are aware that you’re monitoring your properties periodically within the day. 


Besides investigating possible criminal activities, these professionals can also protect high profile clients or work undercover for businesses to monitor and identify theft. Although most investigators work as independent contractors, many also are available through independent firms.

How Private Security Differs From Public Services

Private security firms offer services under an independent company while your local government and the law govern public services. Private sectors provide services that allow them to react in real-time against any threats that occur within your vicinity because they have the right to do so, under your company’s or personal regulations. Public officers can’t enforce these rules and can only aid after the crime has been committed because of government restrictions regarding residential and commercial properties.

Things to Consider When Hiring Private Security

If you’re seeking security services for your home or business, ensure you choose a professional and experienced security company that can meet your specific requirements and budgets. 

Here are things you need to keep in mind when choosing a security firm for your business or home: 

  • Choose locally-owned security firms because they can serve you more efficiently and personal attention, ensuring you only get the best service. 
  • Check the company’s background and experience. You can do this by visiting their official website or look for online reviews. 
  • The firm must be customer-oriented and are eager to provide the best security services. 
  • See the officers they are offering and determine if they have the appropriate credentials to protect your business or home with ease.


If you’ve been experiencing unlawful activities around your properties, it’s time for you to hire private security from a reliable company near Baltimore, MD. Although local law enforcement officers are there to help, they may not have the means to serve everyone, so hire a private security official today for a better and safer tomorrow.

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