Rent a Security Guards

Rent a Security Guard

At DMAC Security you can hire the best security guards in Maryland and District of Columbia. We have been in the security guards services business for over thirty years. You can rent a security guard for for your business, an event, your residence, etc. We leave no stone unturned in designing the perfect security solutions to match your requirements. We provide professional and reliable security guards, who will always maintain communication with you and keep you updated on all developments.

When you want to rent a security guard, we follow a methodical three-stage process to assign the right personnel.


The first stage is consultation. This is free of cost and there’s no obligation to hire our services after the consultation. During this stage, our primary objective is to learn about your security requirements, gather all relevant information and inform you about how our security guards can take care of the situation. You can ask us any questions on your mind or clarify any doubts you may have.

Risk Assessment

At the second stage, we have already identified all the threats and risks. Now the task involves developing security strategies to tackle these threats and risks. The first objective of the strategy we develop is to eliminate the threat completely. If the nature of the risk is such that it can’t be completely eliminated, then we develop strategies to minimize the impact of it as much as possible.


Based of the assessment of the risks and the strategies developed to tackle the same, we are able to identify the right security guard for the job. For example, a security guard might be the perfect choice for guarding an event and coordinating with a large team of security officers, but the not the ideal option to be the personal security guard of a high profile executive. Hence, the decision on deployment is taken last.

Our security guards have extensive law enforcement experience. They have all undergone security guard training and are licensed as per the requirement of the state they work in. The security guards working in DC have all completed the mandatory state-sponsored security guard training, passed the Security Officers Examination and received the Security Officer Individual License. In Maryland, security guards do not require a license. However, we make sure all security guards working in Maryland hold the state-sponsored certification. Our security guards also undergo firearms training with the top instructors from Maryland State Police. Plus, DMAC Security is a licensed security guard agency, as per the regulations set by the Maryland State Police.

Armed Guards vs Unarmed Guards

One of the biggest decisions that needs to be made when you rent a security guard is whether you should opt for an armed guard or an unarmed guard. We provide both types of guards. We will present you our recommendation based on the risk assessment carried out by our security team and the strategies we have come up with. However, the final decision lies with you. There are certain situations and spaces where an armed guard is the ideal option. It works as an effective deterrent.

For example, an armed guard outside a jewelry store is enough to dissuade most robbers and thieves to stay far away. In all likelihood, the security guard will never have to use the firearm, but if required, the trained guard will be equipped to protect the store inventory, the employees and the customers. Similarly, events such as conferences, concerts, exhibitions, etc., where a lot of people have gathered, are other spaces that require armed security guards. Casinos, museums and financial institutions are some of the also places where armed security guards are a must.

Armed guards are also necessary to protect high profile executives, high net worth individuals, celebrities, etc. If there’s a known threat to their lives or if they are traveling to a place which has a history of kidnapping for ransom or they have valuable information, then the security guard protecting them should be armed.

On the other hand, security guards stationed at residential buildings or those guarding individual properties don’t necessarily require a firearm. It’s more important that they are visible at all times to act as a deterrent and that they conduct patrols at periodic intervals, either on foot or on a bicycle to ensure the property is secure. Unarmed guards usually conduct screenings on behalf of the client and in case of an emergency, they immediately inform the correct authorities. The presence of a firearm in a residential area isn’t advisable, because the threat levels are comparatively low and there’s a chance an innocent resident might get injured.

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