Residential Area

The ever-increasing population has resulted in a booming real-estate security sector. There has been a constant need for adapting a conventional security method which is suitable for residents of various communities. More residential lots increase the probability of theft, vandalism and damage to property. Corporate big-shots should realize that danger can also find its way back to their homes instead of offices.

Opting for an exclusive and comprehensive residential risk assessment of homes, occupants, properties, areas and evacuation processes has become a mandate today. A residential security assessment also looks into factors such as preparedness for an emergency and response to unwanted and unpleasant incidents.

What We Do

We design reliable residential security solutions perfect for protecting homes, apartments, luxury villas and help create a safe and secure environment. Our services include the following features:

Prevent Unauthorized Access

Our team ensures that no intruder can find his way to your residence. Visitors are recorded, frisked and allowed to enter only upon confirmation from the client.

Constant Vigilance

A client’s residence is secured with the help of a thorough perimeter assessment by our professional team. Additionally, we also use anti-theft devices like video surveillance, burglar detectors and alarm systems to keep intruders at bay.

Residential Security Assessment

Our residential security assessments include an on-site security survey of the place of residence and its perimeter including the assessment of risks and threats which may affect the safety of homes and its inhabitants.

The DMAC Advantage

The framework of our residential security plans is extremely flexible and is suited to cater to the needs of clients living in various residential setups. Our plans are uniquely tailored to provide a superior service quality to our clients. Our staff is quick to adapt to the needs of our clients, be it a query about the staff’s performance or familiarizing them with the policies, procedures and processes of our systems.

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