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Hiring the Right Security Guard Company for Your Business

Nobody in Baltimore, Maryland, should leave their houses or businesses worrying if they will make it home safely. However, it’s becoming increasingly difficult with the state’s ever-increasing crime rate. One way homeowners and business owners can ensure their safety in the Baltimore area is by hiring a security guard through reputable security guard companies.

A security guard can protect properties and individuals by patrolling or inspecting residential and commercial properties in Baltimore, MD, against theft, terrorism, fire, vandalism, and other unlawful activities. They also monitor these areas to prevent crime, keeping your property, family, staff, and assets safe from threats.

If you’re thinking of hiring from a company of security officers for your business or home in the Baltimore area, here’s everything you need to know about security guards to help you choose the best private guard for optimal safety.

What Security Guard Services Offer

Besides preventing unlawful activities on your properties in Baltimore, MD, a security guard offers several security services:

  • Protect and enforce laws on their employer’s commercial or residential properties. 
  • Monitor alarms and CCTV (Close-Circuit TV) cameras for any potential crime around their patrolling area. 
  • Conduct regular security checks over their assigned areas. 
  • They provide control access to the property for visitors, customers, contractors, and employees. 
  • Interview witnesses when crime happens for later court testimonies.
  • Create comprehensive reports indicating what they observed while on duty. 
  • Detain criminals caught doing illegal activities inside their employer’s properties. 


A security guard needs to be alert throughout their shifts, looking out for anything out of the ordinary. A security guard can ask for assistance from local police officers, fire, and ambulance services when accidents within the property happen beyond their control. 

Security Guard Responsibilities

Whether you hire an officer for security guarding services on a part-time or full-time basis for your business in Baltimore, Maryland, they all have the same duties: 

Provide Quick Assistance During Emergencies 

A professional guard can help individuals during emergencies in real-time as they’re the first law enforcement officers on the scene. That’s why these individuals must always be alert, allowing them to respond to any dangerous situation quickly. From fires, natural disasters to terrorist attacks, these experts can swiftly handle the situation without question.

Deterring Unlawful Individuals 

It’s the responsibility of a security guard to ensure they’re visible to individuals within the vicinity of their patrolling area. Most criminals like muggers, robbers, and shoplifters often reconsider their choices when they see the establishment has an active security guard walking around. Doing this allows them to act as a ‘visible deterrent,’ keeping your business in Baltimore, MD, safe.  

Maintain Order at Large-Scale Gatherings

Besides the regular services like patrolling and inspecting their assigned areas, security guards also provide other security services, including maintaining order at large-scale events like political rallies, parties, or religious assemblies.

Observe and Report

A professional security guard continuously observes everything going on in the area they’re patrolling to ensure nothing is out of place. After a problem occurs within the premises, they need to report the details of the incidents back to their supervisors, higher-ranked law enforcement officers, or other appropriate authorities. These regular monitoring and reports can help you understand what’s happening around your business in Baltimore, MD, protecting yourself legally. 

Security guards can also perform additional services, including taking phone calls, responding to emails or text messages, running errands, etc. When you’re looking at options for securities, guard officers can be a great choice as they can inspect, patrol, and protect your properties in Baltimore, MD, simultaneously.

How to Hire Security Guards

Whether you’re running a business or have a large home in Baltimore, MD, ensuring everyone’s safety within the premises is paramount. If you’re thinking of getting a security service, here are some tips to consider before hiring a security service from a security company. 

  • Choose Candidates with a Clean Criminal Background 

Although conducting background checks can be costly, they’re a requirement for licensing officers in most states. So, before choosing a security service provider, ensure to do criminal background checks on all officers. 

  • Go for Individuals with Excellent Interpersonal Skills

Ensure to evaluate the guard’s interaction with your staff and yourself during the day of the interview. Determine if they pass your criteria of being ‘professional’ or ‘friendly.’ Remember that these officers will be representing your business at whatever post you assign them to. 

  • Select Candidates that Write Well

Besides the standard security services that these officials provide, they also have the responsibility of writing reports. These regular reports are crucial for any established business to have as it can help business owners in Baltimore, MD, with future legal troubles. So, it’s essential to choose individuals that can write well. 

The last thing you need to consider is to see if you need an unarmed or armed guard’s services. If you aim to keep your valuable assets safe, it’s best to hire an armed security guard from a reputable security company. However, if you need the officer to make regular rounds around your residential or commercial property, an unarmed guard’s services will do.  

When you’re looking for a security company, ensure they have the proper credentials or certifications to provide the protection your business or home in Maryland deserves. Contact your local security companies and see what security services they have to offer, and see which one fits your specific needs the best.

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