Security Patrol Car

Security Patrol Car

Preemptive security is the best form of security. If a danger or threat can be thwarted before it manages to cause any form of harm, then you can call the security effective. Patrolling with a security patrol car is one way of preempting threats, neutralizing them and preventing any serious consequences. It also acts as a form of deterrent. Anyone planning to rob or steal from you or planning to cause any other form of harm will be deterred by the presence of professional security guards and patrol cars. DMAC Security has been providing security services, including patrolling services, in the Baltimore, Maryland and District of Columbia areas for over thirty years.

We work with a team of top licensed security personnel, who are trained and experienced in conducting patrols in a security patrol car in all types of premises, including residential gated societies, apartment buildings, commercial premises, construction sites, etc. Effective patrolling is much more than simply driving around a property or around an area, hoping to catch bad guys in the act. There are specialized techniques involved in patrolling and ensuring the safety of both you and the property. Our security staff has the necessary training and knowledge of the techniques. We also provide you with a report on each patrol conducted by our security team, including detailed descriptions and activity logs.

We, at DMAC Security, provide a variety of patrolling services.

Exterior Patrolling Service

This is the most common form of patrolling service. Our security personnel will patrol the exterior perimeter of your house, office, shop or any other premise in a security patrol car. The patrolling will be meticulously planned and executed to ensure that the premise is completely secure, including all entry and exit points such as windows, doors, the backyard, etc. Our security personnel will also monitor activities in the car park, if there’s one, to ensure that no threats originate from there.

Interior Patrolling Service

Interior patrolling becomes essential if either there are existing threats or dangers to your life and property or if you want to make sure your house, office, etc. is secure when unattended. Our security team will thoroughly check every interior section of the premises to ensure that there are no threats before you enter the premises. They can also check if all valuable items, including documents, are exactly where they are supposed to be. This can provide you peace of mind, besides ensuring your house or office has a safe environment.

Emergency Response Service

We also provide alarm monitoring and emergency response service. We will be able to monitor the security alarm at your home or office. If there’s any untoward activity due to which the the alarm goes off, our security team will immediately respond and deal with the security threat.

Each security personnel that DMAC Security works with has undergone thorough training, which includes training specific to the set of duties they will be performing and a safety training program. At the end of each quarter, they are provided additional training and their performances are evaluated to ensure only the best security personnel work with DMAC. Those who are deployed in the District of Columbia have also undergone the state-approved security guard training program, earned over 70% on the state written examination and finally received their Security Officer Individual License. While those deployed in Maryland have the requisite state-sponsored certification.

We provide a free consultation and quote to all our clients, with no obligations to hire our services after that, to make it easier for them to select the right security service provider to match their requirements. During the free consultation we begin by learning about your requirements and the security challenges you have been facing. We provide you a basic idea of how DMAC Security can be of assistance in your specific case. We will tell you how our security team will handle and eliminate the security concerns mentioned by you. We believe that at the end of the consultation you will select DMAC Security to take care of the security challenges. We identify and isolate each individual risk and threat faced by you and then thoroughly assess them. Based on our assessment, we will create a strategy plan to tackle the said risks. Where should the security patrol car be stationed? Is there a need for more than one security patrol car? What should be the patrolling route? How often should a patrol be conduct? We will answer each of these questions and more to develop a comprehensive security plan. Finally, we will select a group of security personnel that have the right skillset and training to execute the security plan and deploy them at your premise. You will receive daily and monthly security reports, besides security team performance reports.

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