The Best Security Guard Company in VA

Virginia Security Guards: Keeping Your Business Secured

Security Guard Companies in VA vary in their offers when it comes to training and professional development. It is not just about the rates and benefits that applicants look for when searching for a security guard company in VA. Working with a well-known company will surely get you off with a strong start. For aspiring security guard in VA, or even security services looking to have the best Virginia security team in VA, it can be advantageous to connect with the best guard companies in the industry. Let’s take a look at some of the top security guard companies in Virginia Beach VA and the rest of the United States for a rundown on what to expect from them.

Who is The Best Security Company To Work For?

Based on sources, some of the best security officers companies in Virginia VA have nationwide coverage and presence. Here are the top players in the industry based on pay wage, benefits, healthcare, and professional development. 

Allied Universal Company – this is one of the largest security providers in Virgina Beach VA and around the country. It has more than 200,000 employees and security professionals. They served commercial, transportation, real estate, healthcare, financial institutions, and others. As one of the best companies to work for, they tout their employees’ professional development and claim that most of their security guard VA has gone to senior leadership. Most of their management positions and security officers are occupied by employees who rose from the ranks. This company holds regular hiring from in cities around the country including Virginia Beach.

SecurAmerica – this security guard company is known for its high retention of security officers in VA. They hire using a strict qualification process which includes multiple essays, culture matches, references, and an extensive background check. This security company in Virginia is hired for various securing services and business such as retail security, K9-assisted security, government protection service, construction, solutions, and event security. 

Inter-Con Security Systems – another security company in Virginia VA that you should consider is Inter-Con Security Systems services. Although they are based in California, the company has a 50-state presence. You can be confident to join their forces if you are aspiring to Virginia security personnel VA. Likewise, the security services offer competitive wages with lots of variation from one post to another. Some armed high-responsibility positions in this company are paid well above $30s. There are also health and welfare premiums offered especially for Top Secret clearance positions. On the other hand, you may also find unarmed security positions offered at $20 per hour. The company values college degrees and experience as a measure for hiring. Apart from physical security, Inter-Con Security Systems is also known for the use of substantial technology as support.     

How Can I Improve My Security Company in VA?

Private Security Companies in VA seeking security services to help them normally expect high levels of professional services. Security guards will play an important role in their safety and security in the company private security. It is essential for security services to have ongoing training for them to understand the services expected out of them. Here are some tips for you to improve your security services company for the better.  

Constant Review of Supervision System for the Security Guard

A Virginia security services contractor with stable systems in Virginia Beach and ample resources will ensure that the security guards or personnel are well supervised. Without proper supervision, some personnel feels some needs that they are not important, thus some develop unprofessional habits. Security services solutions in Virginia VA want to make sure that the security guard company they enlist has proper guard supervision which may include check-ins, tour tracking systems, and random spot checks.  

Assess Security Guard Training

Although security guard and private security join security companies with training and experience, it is still essential to have a continuous learning environment. For your security guard company to be on par with top-notch agencies in the market, you have to ensure that there is professional development for your team. They must be well-oriented on the tour and assignments that they will handle. If they are to be assigned to a field office, they should also know some safety and fire protocols in working in such an environment. A fire can break out at a construction site, thus they need fire-fighting training as well as proper ways to patrol a camp. Ideally, you can invite a potential client to join you on your orientation of security teams to be deployed to their new assignments.  

Verification of Qualifications

Most states require specific quality training before a person can get a blue license as a security guard. When they join security services, there should be a stringent hiring process especially if you will provide services in Virginia Beach, Hampton, Norfolk or Richmond areas VA. All documentation and requirements for serving as a security guard in this state should have complied. Make sure that you conduct an in-depth background check for each security personnel that joins your agency.   

Conduct General Inspections

Regular general inspections will benefit your security guard service company in Virginia VA. You can do this together with your clients to ensure that your team is well-trained about their duties including fire and patrol services. Additionally, you may also take in a third-party consultant to assess your team and the services that you provide. 


How Much Do Armed Security Guards Make in Virginia?

There is a wide range of offers when it comes to paying wages for armed security guards in Virginia VA. It is almost impossible to pin-point the exact amount that a security guard can make because there are various factors that affect the computation of the wage. A wage range is different depending on the city such as if you are in Richmond or in Hampton. You can expect to earn from $7.50 to $11.00 per hour as an unarmed security guard in Virginia Beach VA. It is also different if you will be assigned in a public location or as uniformed personnel in some businesses or construction facilities.

The rates in Richmond VA may be lower compared with others normally base their wages on the site that you will be working. So if a company pays the security agency more, the security guard posted in that company will get higher pay as well. You may also consider perks like free home or boarding facilities in the property or businesses. Some companies also provide protection, insurance for their private and public officers.  

In the case of VA security services hiring based on experience, the determining rate for a security guard in every industry today in Richmond Virginia is around $7.50 to $16.00 per hour. And because of the competition, the current rate for most armed security guard VA in the VA area is around $8.00 to $10.00 per hour. But of course, you can get some offers that are below or above the average depending on the contract. Also, if you apply directly as a security guard with a large VA company or as uniformed security support for the government, you may be entitled to a higher pay rate. 

Wrap Up

The security industry is a very competitive market around the world and not only in Virginia VA. If you will be joining a security company in Virginia, should know which companies to approach and apply for. Make sure that they provide all the basic needs for your career to grow in serving your clients. Most companies have a nationwide coverage while others source out world providers from as far as South Africa to have lower hourly pay. Make sure to seek out professional development and career advancement offers including healthcare plans from a company you will join.