What Do Security Guards Do

What Do Security Guards Do

On the face of it, the job of a security guard is to protect a person or house or any other asset from theft, attack or any other form of threat or danger, for which he or she has been hired by the client. However, it’s not as simple as that. The tasks, roles and responsibilities differ from job to job. The roles and responsibilities of a security guard in a residential building or residential area is completely different from those at a concert or some other event. Similarly, the techniques a security guard needs to utilize and the tasks entrusted to him or her will be poles apart while guarding a construction site and a hotel or shopping mall.

To understand what do security guards do, you will also have to take into consideration the various conditions they work in and the types of equipments and technology they need to use. So, a security guard stationed in a video surveillance room monitoring footage from the various closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras to spot potential risks or threats and prevent them has completely different work conditions as compared to a security guard performing periodical patrols in a neighborhood or a gated residential society. All security guards working for DMAC Security have the necessary training and skills to work in a variety of situations and handle gadgets.

Key Duties of a Security Guard


  1. Security guards need to be clearly visible and vigilant at all times, unless they are stationed somewhere indoors or handling patrolling duties. Visibility is an important responsibility of a security guard, because it has multiple advantages. Firstly, it works as an effective deterrent to shoplifters and robbers. The chances that a miscreant will try something daring reduces drastically, when the security guard is clearly visible. Secondly, the security guard will also be able to react faster if they are positioned somewhere outside and visible.
  2. Being vigilant is equally important. When a threat or crisis rears its ugly head, the security guards needs to act immediately and neutralize it. The indication of a threat won’t necessarily be visual. So, security guards also need to have excellent sense of sound and smell. If a window is broken or a fire breaks out, the security guard must be able to detect it immediately and respond accordingly.
  3. How a security responds to threats and emergencies is also important. He or she must respond quickly, but if the response isn’t effective or if in their hurry they fail to control the situation properly, then it’s essentially a failure. Hence, how they interpret an incident and then quickly devise a strategy or plan to neutralize the incident is a key element of what security guards do. It’s what separate good security guards from the average ones.
  4. A keen observation and knowledge of appropriate reporting are key duties of a security guard as well. They need to continue observing their surroundings at all times, irrespective of whether a threatening situation has just been averted or not. They should also know which incidents need to reported to law enforcement agencies and which can be reported just to their supervisor. They need to maintain activity logs for the benefit of the client as well as the security services company they work for.
  5. It’s extremely important that a security guard is a calm individual and not a short-tempered person. Unlike what you might have seen in movies, a security guard isn’t supposed to get into a fight with a gang of robbers, irrespective of whether they are physically capable of doing that or not. When the situation escalates, it’s their duty to call for help, either from the security services agency or law enforcement agencies. In fact, by asking for help the security guard is saving lives and properties and not the other way around.

  6. Since a security guard has been hired by someone to perform a specific task, they will have to abide by any rules or policies set by the client. It could be a system of screening visitors, checking their person or bags for suspect objects, checking IDs, etc. This is part of a security guard’s duties.

  7. Security guards should also be able to offer safety and security tips to their clients, when required.

A number of security guards have a background in law enforcement, which prepares them for performing the duties of a security guard. Most states have certain training and licensing requirements for security guards. So, another key aspect of what do security guards do is that they undergo proper training before starting work. DMAC Security makes sure that all security guards have completed the mandatory training and acquired the security guard license for District of Columbia and the necessary certification for Maryland.

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